Skill Levels Breakdown

At KEVIN BROOKS BASKETBALL SERVICES®, we focus on the development of basketball fundamentals, skills & game knowledge of its participants.

However, we are equally focused on our players competing with energy & effort, being disciplined & resilient, having a positive attitude & body language, being coachable and a good teammate.

Our BROOKS BASKETBALL PROGRAMS are not based upon age, because this is not a reliable way to categorize a player. The main problem in this approach is that many individuals may have played previously, but still cannot properly execute the basic basketball fundamentals efficiently or effectively in trainings and/or games.

So, to determine the skill level of a player by just considering their age and/or the duration of how long they have played, is not sufficient to ascertain their actual skill levels.

Therefore, it’s important that players are registered into the most appropriate clinic, academy, camp & club team for their level of skill & experience.

A player enrolled in the wrong program for their current skill set, may find themselves intimidated & overwhelmed! And this could negatively affect their confidence & development.

For example, a player could be 10 years of age with ‘Advanced’ skills or 16 years of age with ‘Beginner’ skills. A player may have played for 3-4 years in school, social or club, but still be evaluated as a ‘Beginner’ based upon their current skill set & fundamentals or lack thereof.

A player will not advance to the next level of our clinics, academies, camps & social club teams unless their skills develop & improve. Meaning, a player participating in any of our programs will not be moved forward solely because of the number of terms or years that they have participated!

Furthermore, because a player is a certain age, does not mean that they are of a certain skill set or possess the appropriate fundamentals for their age. Within our programs, we evaluate every player and divide participants into groups based upon their individual skills.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of each level of our skill-based basketball programs for our Group Clinics, Academies, Shooting Clinics, School Holiday Camps and our Social Basketball Club.


Are designed for kids new to the game or recently started and have zero to low-level experience playing organized basketball in schools, clubs & social leagues.

Our ‘Beginners Programs’ are a great ‘Introduction’ to the game of basketball as ‘Newbies’ begin their journey of learning the basic fundamentals, skills and terminology of the game of basketball.

Furthermore, any player who does not know or cannot execute the following skills should be in our BEGINNERS PROGRAM:

  • Catching the basketball (with 2 hands out in front of body)
  • Protecting the basketball (once caught, player must keep the basketball from being taken away by a defender)
  • Passing the basketball (chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass with 2 hands)
  • Dribbling the basketball with the appropriate hand in the appropriate direction (e.g., lefthand dribble when a player dribbles to their left / righthand dribble when a player dribbles to their right)
  • Jump-stops (if player cannot after dribbling the basketball, come to a complete stop without shuffling their feet, this is traveling)
  • Lay-ups (dribbling towards the basket, catch the ball, take 2 steps & shoot with 1 hand, off of 1 foot near the basket)
  • Jump-stop Jump-shots (dribbling towards the basket, catch the ball whilst coming to a complete stop & shoot the basketball)
  • Defence (get in proper stance & sliding without feet crossing or touching)
  • Rebounding (jumping up with 2 hands & catching the basketball in the air, then protecting it)


Meant for players who may not be new to the game of basketball, but still have limited knowledge, skill and fundamentals. These players are still learning how, when & where to properly perform & execute them in trainings & games under pressure.

‘Advanced Beginners’ will be identified & separated into their own groups.


Intended for players who are becoming more competent & confident in executing the basic fundamentals of basketball in trainings & games properly and under pressure. These players possess a moderate to above moderate level of experience playing organized basketball in schools (C-grade, maybe B-grade), social leagues and possibly lower to mid-level divisions at district clubs & other basketball associations.

However, these players are still lacking in the consistent physical &/or mental application and execution of skills and gameplay.

Our ‘Intermediate Programs’ focus on both the refinement & improvement of fundamentals, as well as the introduction of new advanced skills for this level.


Purposed for kids with a high level of experience playing organized basketball in schools, leagues, clubs & tournaments.

These kids own well-defined skills in one or multiple areas of the game while also possessing the physical &/or mental strengths that are essential to success.

The advanced player is self-motivated to play & train 2-4 days per week and at times may train or practice twice in one day without hesitation. Advanced players are generally on the top team at their school (A-grade, Division 1 or Division 2) at district clubs and have identified basketball as their primary sport.


Solely for kids with the highest level of experience playing organized basketball in D1 district clubs, tournaments, State Country & Metro Teams and National Intensive Training Programs including State & National Teams.

These kids have honed their skill sets in most areas of the game while owning the physical and/or mental strengths & toughness that are essential to success.

The Elite Player is self-motivated to play & train (independently or with a trainer) 4-7 days per week and at times may train or practice twice a day without hesitation.

Both Advanced & Elite players have an unconditional love for the game of basketball and a high level of commitment to their team, organization, community and country. They also understand the systematic concept of constantly earning his/her spot on a team and their minutes on the court.

Advanced & Elite players participate in practices that involve a trained coach that demands the highest level of focus, intensity & performance.