Kevin Brooks Basketball Services offer an in-depth consultancy program.


  • Conduct Team Training Sessions
  • Implement Practice Plans
  • Implement ‘Game Situations’ into training sessions
  • Discuss ‘Game-Day Strategies’ against teams that press, zone, etc.
  • Provide advice on &/or Implement an array of systems covering Defences, Offences and the Transition Games for varying age and skill levels
  • Provide Professional Assistance to parents who volunteer their time and efforts, but do not possess a high degree of basketball knowledge to effectively and confidently coach players

Coaching Clinics

The purpose of these clinics is to adequately equip coaches with the tools necessary to improve their craft including player development and team training sessions. They are also suitable for parents who are thinking about or just beginning to coach and current junior coaches wanting to further elevate their basketball acumen.

  • How to run basketball try-outs
  • How to apply structure and develop skills
  • How to evaluate players
  • How to put in schemes and systems
  • How to conduct training sessions
  • How to conduct training sessions with minimal time & baskets
  • How to create game situations in trainings
  • How to create game plans
  • How to choose your coaching staff
  • How to refine coach/parent relationships

Player Evaluations

  • Review player during Trainings
  • Review player during Games
  • Compose a written report 

Scouting Reports (Team / Players)

  • Team’s Offensive & Defensive Systems
  • Team’s Offensive & Defensive Transitions
  • Player’s Strengths & Weaknesses
  • How to Defend Players

Video Analysis

The norm in both amateur and professional sporting codes.  Coaches use video analysis for numerous purposes including reviewing player and team performances and scouting opposition players and teams as part of game preparation.

  • Evaluate ‘Workout Sessions’ and ‘Game Footage’
  • Scout and Analyse home and opposition players/teams
  • Devise defensive ‘Schemes’ and ‘Systems’
  • Devise offensive ‘Schemes’ and ‘Systems’


(Court hire fees are included in the associated costs)

COACH Trainings & Game Strategy(60min)$100TeamAll
COACH Trainings & Game Strategy(90min)$150TeamAll
Coaching Clinics(90min)$250CoachesAll
Player Evaluations(90min)$150Coach / Parent / PlayerAll
Video Analysis(90min)$150Coach / Parent / PlayerAll
Scouting Reports(N/A)$200Team / PlayersAll