Shoot-a-way Coming Soon!

Available in Individual Workouts, Packages & Memberships

COMING SOON to Brooks Basketball Services….SHOOT-A-WAY! Basketball Shooting machines that have revolutionised the way individuals and teams improve their shooting forms & percentages. Used at top high schools, universities & professional basketball programs around the world, the SHOOTING GUN, along with it’s ability to foster a good shooting arc, will also give each & every player the opportunity to get up hundreds of shots per week and thousands of shots per month.

  • Mastery of Mechanics- Coaches Responsibility
  • Getting enough Good Repetitions – Players Responsibility

SHOOT-A-WAY will assist players in getting game shots, from game spots, at game speed!

Brooks Basketball Services will provide numerous options that will cater to individuals, small groups & teams including juniors, semi-professionals & professionals.

Individual Workouts
30min / 45min / 60min

Team Workouts
60min / 90min / 120min

5 Sessions / 10 Sessions / 15 Sessions

Monthly Memberships             

ROOK (6 sessions) / VET (12 sessions) / FRANCHISE (20 sessions)

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